· Can I buy Online? ·

Can I actually buy stuff on your new website? I would really like to give you my money.

Can I Buy Online?The short answer is… not yet. Our website redesign is an all-volunteer effort and our first objective has been to migrate the content of our old site to a modern, secure and scalable platform.  We are pleased with the progress we’ve made on that front.  And we appreciate your response to the changes we have put in place.

Our next step will be to figure out how to best tell you what we have in inventory.  We have some ideas and you can watch for changes in that area in the coming days and weeks.  The step thereafter will be to evaluate the feasibility and desireability of incorporating an  e-commerce aspect to the site.  Obviously it’s being done big time, but our largest concern is security.  Yours and ours.  We don’t want identities compromised and we don’t want anyone losing money to hackers.  We’ll keep you posted and until we finalize things, as soon as you see the inventory popping up, the old toll-free phone line remains in effect.  You can reach us at (800)497-3655 during normal business hours.  It’s on our dime and remember, there’s no shipping charge for orders over $15.00.  So check back soon and often, and we value your input on the changes you see.

Our ultimate goal is to create an online shopping experience that is as convenient and personal as pulling something off our shelves and chatting with one of our staff members in person or over the phone. We love the personal contact we have with our customers.  It’s perhaps our greatest pleasure in what we do, and we’ll be very reluctant to give that up.  Our customers are like family.  So bear with us and we  hope for an opportunity to become your online retailer of choice!  If you have any good ideas, we’re more than happy to consider them.  Drop us a note.