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Dawn Menzel

Dawn Menzel (Owner)

My musical background began in my family living room in a Chicago suburb dancing with my Dad while Mom played popular tunes of the 40s and 50s on the organ. My own preference was rock n’ roll and folk music. (Does it have a beat? Can you dance to it?)

Folk music continues a favorite of mine. In the late 70s I was introduced to bluegrass and I became hooked – the music, the people and the festivals. The older I am the more varied my musical taste becomes. I am very fond of old time and blues as well.

I am not a musician (I do fool around a little with the dulcimer) but I love to hear and promote the music and musicians. I am happy to recommend local bands for your event and share upcoming concerts and festival information.

The jam sessions are a favorite mission of the Pickin’ Parlor for me. People who are new to the area and/or the music are welcomed and have a new group of friends to help nurture their passion. We have the jammers to thank for their music and welcome. I am also very grateful for our wonderful teachers and to our staff who share their knowledge and inspire. Let’s keep the music alive!