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Bart Reiter Banjos be Back!


Bart Reiter makes a fine, fine banjo. When I started working here a little over a year ago we had two Bart Reiter banjos in stock. They sold pretty quickly, and no more came in. Then we got one in about a month ago, and that sold in a matter of days. We’ve just received […]

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Breedlove Mandolins: We’ve Got Them, We Love Them!


A few months ago we had a visit from the new Breedlove Mandolin dealer in our area. We played the mandolins he brought in and fell in love! They have a natural, bright, woody tone that is associated with the best of mandolins. Think Bill Monroe’s classic Llloyd Loar with modern body details and hardware. […]

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Dakota Dave Hull at HPP May 7, 2016, 12:30 PM

Dakota Dave Hull at HPP Sat May 7 2016

Our friend and music legend Dakota Dave Hull will be here live and in-person at the Homestead Pickin’ Parlor signing copies of his new CDs, “Heavenly Hope,” and, “This Earthly Life,” on Saturday, May 7, 2016   at 12:30 PM. All are invited! Folks who participated in Dave’s Kickstarter are encouraged to drop by and pick up […]

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Join us to wish Holle Brian Bon Voyage and Happy Trails

Holle Brian will be leaving The Homestead Pickin’ Parlor this Thursday, May 28. Holle and husband Rich have sold their house in South Minneapolis and have purchased another in Taylors Falls, MN.  We are inviting all interested parties who have had a chance to be served by Holle here at The Homestead Pickin’ Parlor to gather with […]

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Seydel Harmonicas since 1847

Seydel 002

With the sale of Hohner, C.A. Seydel remains the only German Company making harmonicas which they have been doing since 1847.  When you are ready to take a step up, try out a Seydel.  We have in stock the Blues “Session” which sells for $34.95 and the Blues “Session Steel” featuring stainless steel reeds for […]

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Win Tickets to see Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn

Fleck Washburn 001

They are very likely acoustic music’s most prominent couple and they’re coming to town.  Bela fleck & Abigail Washburn will be performing at The O’shaughnessy Auditorium at St. Catherine University on Wednesday, february 25 at 7:30  Their concert is a joint production of The Dakota and The O’Shaugfhnessy.   Our friends at The Dakota, whose calendar features a wide variety of […]

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Bryan Bowers is coming to town. Friday, January 9, 7:30 PM

Bryan Bowers 002

Yes, Santa has come and gone, but close on his heels comes Bryan Bowers and his trained Autoharps.  And the gifts he brings are musical delivered vocally and instrumentally.  And, here’s a suggestion for what could be your most easily kept resolution for 2015:  “I will not miss this year’s twin cities appearance by Bryan […]

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Miles and Miles of Mandolin Smiles

Michael Kelly Legace FS-e

One of the most often requested instruments during the holidays is the mandolin.  This has been true for several years.  We very likely have more mandolins on hand than any other music store in Minnesota.  Somewhere south of 50 on hand.  We have “A’ Models as well as “F’ Models in some of the most […]

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A Tip of the Homestead Hat to Mark & Erdyne Briere

Poinsettia 2014

As they do every year, Mark & Erdyne have made the Pickin’ Parlor look ever so much more festive with the addition of the 2014 Homestead Poinsettia.  Check it out when you visit and the attached photo will give you an idea of what you’re looking for.  A splash of color and festivity from two […]

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“Black Friday” & “Small Business Saturday”

Pauls cookies

Well, it’s here again – the holiday shopping season. Some years ago, retailers coined the phrase “Black Friday”, and anointed the day after Thanksgiving with that appellation. The mythology behind the term says that it was the day that businesses typically went in the black after losing money all year to that point. If that’s […]

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