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Kentucky KM-505 Mandolin (with radiused fretboard)

Kentucky KM-505

The Kentucky KM-505 introduces into their line another exciting feature – radiused fretboard. Radiused fretboards have been with us forever on steel string guitars but it’s a fairly new phenomena on mandolins and even some banjo players are abandoning their traditional flat fretboards and going to radiused. The KM-505 is a mid-priced imported instrument and […]

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Loar LM-400 Mandolin

Loar LM-400

The Loar LM-400 tops out the line of ‘A’ model mandolins from Loar.  Solid woods throughout, the LM-400 features a spruce top and figured maple back & ribs.  The top bracing is the traditional Tone Bar style.  When you stop by to check out mandolins, compare the LM-400 and the LM-220 to get a feel for the sound differences between […]

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Loar LM-220 Mandolin

Loar LM-220

Loar is the latest brand of mandolins to receive the Homestead seal of approval. The skeptic in us made us wait after they first hit the street to see what kind of customer reaction they would receive and what if any repairs we might see coming in to the shop. They got a “GO” on […]

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Michael Kelly Legacy Flame FS-E Mandolin

Michael Kelly Legace FS-e

We first became aware of Michael Kelly instruments through the rave reviews of our customers. At that time, Michael Kelly was selling only direct to users on the Internet. Shortly thereafter, they decided to forsake the Internat and establish a dealer network. If we weren’t at the head of the line, we were close. They […]

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Kentucky KM-151 Mandolin


We’ve already sung the praises of Kentucky mandolins.  Another desireable feature is the extensive line of instruments they provide.  The KM-151 introduces solid wood on the back and ribs and features a slightly wider nut for those that would like a little more room to move around without having their fingers go where they ought not […]

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Kentucky KM-140 Mandolin

Kentucky KM-140 (2)

Throughout our nearly 35 year history, the Kentucky brand of mandolins have been our most popular. And for students just becoming familiar with the mandolin, the Kentucky KM-140 has been the biggest seller hands down. And it’s all about getting the most bang for the buck. The playability, sound and value offered by the KM-140 […]

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