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Rover RB-30HPP Student Old-Time Banjo

Rover RB-30HPP

Our biggest selling student banjos are the open back Rover RB-30HPP and its resonator big brother which we will be writing about shortly.  Open back banjos, in general, are used to play old-time music while the resonator banjos are preferred by Bluegrass players. There are no hard and fast rules, however, and you may certainly […]

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Deering Goodtime ‘Sweet Sixteen’ Package

Goodtime Sweeet Sixteen

Although it was last year that Deering celebrated sixteen years of producing Goodtime Banjos, the Goodtime ‘Sweet Sixteen’ is the perfect gift for a sixteen year old asiring banjo picker. Deering sponsored a contest to determine the final design which appears on the head of the ‘Sweet Sixteen’. The package includes everything you need to […]

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Deering Goodtime 2 ‘Zombie Killer’

Goodtime Zombie Killer

You’re catching on.  The Goodtime 2 means it has a resonator, but the rest of this banjo Deering has dedicated to the youthful interest in the “Zombie Apocalypse” or perhaps just the most goth among young banjo aspirants.  As to its efficacy – we haven’t even heard a zombie since hanging it on our wall. […]

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