Homestead Ultimate Banjo Mutes

Banjo Mutes have always been a sought after item, and until now it has been difficult to find one that is light weight, easy to use and effective.  The Homestead Ultimate Banjo Mute solves the problem.  Made of solid brass, the Homestead Ultimate Banjo Mute is U shaped piece of brass lined with a fabric to keep it firmly in place on the bridge.  It very simply slides across the bridge under the strings and firmly stays in position to make the banjo tolerable to the lightest sleeping child and very acceptable in the politest of company.  Check one out today.  And at only $15.95, it is very affordable as well.  It can easily be adjusted to fit any bridge on the market.  The accompanying photos will give you a closer look.  homestead-capo-1homestead-capo-2

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