· Fiddle Tunes Jam (All instruments) ·

Every Wednesday from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.


This is an all-instrumental jam geared toward intermediate players. You’ve got a few tunes, you know the rules – now it’s time to kick out the stops, pick up the pace and have some of that fun you’ve been looking forward to. A few months in attendance and you’ll be ready for jamming anywhere with anyone. [More about this Jam]

Upcoming Instrumental Fiddle Tunes Jam for all instruments

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More about this jam

This is the next step for guitar fiddle tune jammers, along with mandos, banjos, fiddles and basses. Would you like to continue to develop the skills learned and practiced at the “Slow” Flatpicking Jams or at other entry level jams? So many of the jammers at the Slow Jam have improved so much that we need to have a jam that is a healthy step higher. Tony Anthonisen will lead this jam (with the help of others), and pickers will be using Adam Granger’s book “Granger’s Fiddle Tunes for Guitar” as a resource. This jam is geared for those pretty comfortable flatpicking some fiddle tune leads and those comfortable playing rhythm at jams. We’ll stress consistent tempo and jam fun!

Check out Paul and Tony’s Popular Picking List for a list of the tunes we will focus on.