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Adam Granger ColorAdam Granger, although born in Oklahoma, has been a Minnesota resident most of his life.  Like most of the Homestead Pickin’ Parlor instructors, he has been a professional musician most of his life as well.  A self-taught guiarist, he has been teaching and performing professionally since 1962.  There was that brief fling with the banjo which he studied with Alan Munde back in the late 60’s.  Alan remains a friend today but has never seen Adam as a threat on the banjo.

Moving to Nashville in the late sixties, Adam got a taste of the road life of a musician traveling throughout Arkansas and Oklahoma through 1972.  He then moved back to Oklahoma where he played guitar in the bluegrass band, The Upper Middle Grass.

In 1974 Adam moved to Minnesota and became a charter member of Garrison Keillor’s house band, The Powdermilk Biscuit Band.  During that period, he began writing for the show, which he continues to do occasionally today.  He has substitute-hosted for Garrison on several occasions and still appears as a musical guest from time to time.

After leaving his musical post at PHC, Adam played for eight years in The Eclectic Brothers, an acoustic swing trio.  He later co-hosted with Pop Wagner, the award-wiunning television show “The Cedar Social” featuring performances by local and regional folk, bluegrass, ethnic and jazz performers.  The show ran for eight seasons.

For the last decade Adam has concentrated on writing, recording and performing original material.  His book “Granger’s Fiddle Tunes for Guitar” has become a staple reference for flatpicking guitarists the world over.  He is a regular contributor to Flatpick Guitar Magazine and has been a guitar clinician at camps and workshops across the country.  He has recorded eleven albums and has composed scores for many television documantaries and films.  He commonly appears as an emcee at a wide variety of musical gatherings.  He is sought after as a judge in many guitar contests.

Adam is obviously a busy person and we are proud that he has been a member of the HPP teaching staff for many years.  He enjoys teaching and he’s very good at it.  Many of this area’s flatpicking guitarists have been under his tutelage at some point in their development, but there’s nary a style of guitar playing that he is not completely familiar with.  He’s also a nice person and is standing by to help you develop your skills as a guitarist.

Watch Adam as he performed at the Homesstead Pickin’ Parlor/Richfield Historical Society concert on August 17,  2011:


And here’s a Homestead Pickin’ Parlor ‘Teacher Feature’ which will help you get to know Adam a little better:


And you can learn a lot more about Adam at his own website: www.granger-music.com

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