· Catie Jo Pidel – Fiddle Instruction ·

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Catie Jo on PHCCatie Jo Pidel in her own words is an “anything goes fiddle player”.  She is based in the twin cities and her fiddling has been featured in venues ranging from bars to festival stages to Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion.  While still in high school, she was crowned Minnesota State Fair Teen Fiddle Champion.

Like countless others, Catie Jo began violin lessons in third grade.  When she developed the desire to begin fiddling, she started hanging around The Homestead Pickin’ Parlor.  We’ll cheerfully take credit for providing her a start in that direcion, but it was only a start.  She’s done the heavy lifting on her own to become the ace bluegrass fiddler she is today.  And we are delighted that she has now returned as an instructor.

Catie Jo offers instruction to students of all ages and ability levels, but she specializes in teaching beginning to intermediate players.  More than just teaching her students to play fiddle, she wants them to learn to love music.  She provides them the basic building blocks and then encourages them to augment what she teaches them by learning to jam or form a band with friends.  She teaches both by ear and by musical notation.  She characterizes herself as “an avid music theory nerd”, so she’s happy to offer as much music theory instruction as her students may desire.

When not instructing fiddlers, Catie Jo is a student at the University of Minnesota, and an intern at Starkey Hearing Technologies.  She’s a co- founder of MBOTMA Underground and can be heard fiddling with Ruby Magpie, The Platte Valley Boys and Switched at Birth.  She’s also likely to pop up in many other bands who may find themselves short a fiddler with little notice.

Catie Jo is standing by to help you start out on your path to fiddledom.