· Mark Briere – Mandolin ·

Call the store at 612-861-3308 to schedule a lesson with Mark.

Mark Briere“I’ve been teaching mandolin for nearly 3 decades.  I joined the Homestead Pickin’ Parlor teaching staff shortly after the store opened.  I feel very fortunate to be a part of the HPP community of traditional music lovers”.

“Working with developing mandolin players for all these years has allowed the basics of mandolin playing to firmly embed themselves in the inner workings of Mark Briere.  My basic approach to teachng music consists of two parts.  I like to first instill in the student a solid technique on the mandolin.   When that is accomplished, I like to impart the fundamentals of music to whatever extent the student is moved to learn them.  This will allow most students to find their own musical voice and proceed toward whatever goals they have set for themselves.  I use a variety of techniques to transfer this information including musical notation, tablature and recorded music.  I encourage students to learn to read musical notation, but this is not a dictate”.

“After years of playing, I myself remain an avid student of the mandolin and enjoy growing as a musician.   It’s an endless pursuit and an enjoyable one.  My playing is influenced by bluegrass, fiddle tunes, old-time, and folk music.  i enjoy improvising on basically the entire range of American vocal and instrumental music and finding the mandolin’s place in it.  I’ve played in many local bands over the years.  The music I’ve played has ranged from bluegrass to solo mandolin pieces.  The venues have ranged from hay bales to concert halls.  I am currently a member of Switched at Birth, an eclectic five piece string band.  I also have a CD out with Steve Haskins called ‘Guitar and Mandolin’.  You can find it in the bins at HPP“.

“If you have a soft spot in your heart for mandolin music, I would enjoy an opportunity to help guide you in your development as a mandolin player”.