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Bart Reiter Banjos be Back!


Bart Reiter makes a fine, fine banjo. When I started working here a little over a year ago we had two Bart Reiter banjos in stock. They sold pretty quickly, and no more came in. Then we got one in about a month ago, and that sold in a matter of days. We’ve just received […]

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Breedlove Mandolins: We’ve Got Them, We Love Them!


A few months ago we had a visit from the new Breedlove Mandolin dealer in our area. We played the mandolins he brought in and fell in love! They have a natural, bright, woody tone that is associated with the best of mandolins. Think Bill Monroe’s classic Llloyd Loar with modern body details and hardware. […]

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Kentucky KM-140 Mandolin

Kentucky KM-140 (2)

Throughout our nearly 35 year history, the Kentucky brand of mandolins have been our most popular. And for students just becoming familiar with the mandolin, the Kentucky KM-140 has been the biggest seller hands down. And it’s all about getting the most bang for the buck. The playability, sound and value offered by the KM-140 […]

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