Upright Bass on Consignment


We recently took in a very nice upright bass on consignment. Here are the specs!

-Cremona SB – 2 3/4 (3/4 size)

-G. Edward Luthierie (Gary Bartig) set it up, put in pickup model R-10704IMG_1066
-padded TKL Gig bag with shoulder strap and D-rings for backpack-style straps

-strings: E & A look to be Innovation Honeys, and the D & G look to be either Innovation Psycho Slaps or Silver Slaps. Either way they’ve got a nice balanced pull to them and even tone across the range
-buckle rash on upper right bout where you’d expect it to be

-edges frayed as expected from wear and tear
-small dent on upper left bout

-arched front and back
-plywood top, back, and sides

-adjustable bridge


Come on in and take a look. She’s a honey of a bass with a good tone!

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